about us


Our mission is to find the best, most delicious Italian-style gelato. In the boutique gelateria at  Dvorni trg 1  in Ljubljana we offer you a daily fresh selection of the best creamy gelatos, refreshing sorbettos, energizing juicettos and icy Sicilian granitas, hand-made out of solely natural ingredients and according to the traditional recipes of the Italian gelato masters.

True to the several hundred year-old gelatiere tradition (or precisely because of it), our gelato does not contain added aromas, food colourings and preservatives or fruit, milk and other pre-prepared bases. 

We love to experiment, develop and create: we go beyond the classical flavours, daringly developing new, surprising and unusual combinations for the bold and dedicated gourmets.

We carefully select our ingredients and support local producers. When possible, we use those with the ecologic and/ of fair trade certificate. We buy seasonal fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables (nobody is afraid of vegetables anymore, right?!) directly from Slovenian local farms, between Istria in the West to the Prekmurje region in the East.

The exotic queens of any true gelateria, divine chocolate and aromatic vanilla, originate from plantations in the Dominican Republic, Tahiti, Ecuador, Madagascar and Mauritius. We source nuts from certified production by smaller farmers from all over the world.

We use whole, unhomogenized milk and cream from cows grazing in Slovenian subalpine pastures.

The rest remains the secret of our maestra gelatiera. She is constantly learning new tricks of the trade from the leading world masters of gelato and creates the alchemy of icy tastes day by day, every day of the week.