In comparison with its heavier relative ice cream, the light Italian gelato contains less cream and more whole fat milk (for those who love numbers: ice cream contains 30% milkfat, while gelato contains from 8% to up to 10% milkfat). The old world handcrafted gelato tradition demands only the best fresh basic ingredients, meaning fruit, vegetables, egg yolk, nuts and cane sugar, and by no means any pre-prepared natural fruit bases, preservatives, food colourings, aromas or other additives.


In our gelateria, we have upgraded this imperative our selection of flavours is exclusively seasonal. Using only the best ingredients, we work with local farmers and feature flavours that aren’t manufactured but handcrafted and change with the seasons.

Such a gelato is not only an icy treat, but a dessert preserving many fibres, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in fruit, vegetables, spices, chocolate and nuts.